There are only so many times you can be the one that got away. Soon your feet will have to stay Rooted, next to someone. You can’t keep letting men Suck the duty from your lips, Leaving you withered & dry – Only to miss your laugh when you’re gone. **** There are only so … Continue reading

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What happens when the man you love spits you from his mouth and leaves you, bile-green, half-digested, almost-liquid on the floor?

You’ve been here before, Spat from the mouth of another, & instead of squeezing tears from your ducts, You sing. You do other things. You spend your days working, And your nights wanting to worry more about him But reailsing that you can’t, You sleep. You pray for him, everyday, more than you pray for … Continue reading


Ginger Shot (draft)

You’re like a ginger shot In winter – sharp then warm – Always necessary. 1am conversation: Things failed, Wanted, needed. You say talking to me makes you feel presidential. You say talking to me makes you feel presidential, Wanted, needed. Things failed. Always necessary 1am conversation In winter, sharp then warm. (You’re like a ginger … Continue reading