thoughts on things iii

i used to think that an experience is never bad, as long as you learnt something from it but there are some things i wish i hadn’t learnt & some people i wish i hadn’t met & i don’t necessarily think those are “bad” feelings.


there are a lot of things i would like God to do but today i would like for God to do ben carson like he did zechariah & shut him up until kingdom come.


dance is a natural stress relief.


“share in suffering, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus” – 2 timothy 2:3

a lesson in support & love.


there’s nothing appealing about not being able to trust &/or love. i’m weary of people who are so sacrificial that they seemingly don’t care for themselves. people who go above & beyond for any & everybody but don’t allow themselves the joy/love/care they deserve.

if we are to love our neighbour as we do ourselves & sacrifice is an act of love then there will be times where one will have to sacrifice for oneself & one should.


using humour as a shield won’t stop the bleeding.


“grandma sang
in an outfit that was obviously made
for a West African king. My motto is
Never mistake what it is for what it looks like.
No one will tell you you are a king.
No one really wants a king anyway.”
What it Look Like, Terrance Hayes


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