Why I Don’t Date Outside My Faith

I said I’d do a list but there’s only one real reason. It’s the same reason I won’t date a practising* womanist or someone who isn’t actively pro-black; there’d be a misalignment of values. Theologically aventisism differs from other denominations in terms of what we believe about the nature of Christ, hell, the afterlife, our diet, etc etc. It’s easier if myself & whoever are agreed on these things.

My friends joke that I want an adventist Malcolm X & maybe I do but ultimately I want to raise beautiful black babies who aren’t pressured by society’s gender roles & who are able to find solace, truth & freedom at the foot of the cross.

My race, gender & faith are all equally important parts of my identity – my values & world view have been shaped by all three so much so that to compromise on any would be to betray myself.

*I say practising because some folk practice womanism w/o labeling themselves as such.


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