I don’t like phad thai.

I turned 23 two days ago. Since I’ve decided to make some lifestyle changes, I want to be more intentional about what I consume. I’m starting to take my physical & mental health just as serious as my spirituality. The way I see it is my body is a temple & that’s not just about allowing stray penises in me, or getting tattoos, if I believe it’s a temple then I need to be aware of everything I feed it. I’ve even stopped watching love & hip hop.

Anyway, i’m pescitarian now. Ellen White talks about a time coming when we’ll have to give up the meat, & for me, that time has come. I want to have more control about what I eat. I want to order a beef burger & have to question if I’m actually eating beef. Tired of scandal after scandal about what they’re pumping into chickens. There’s no point me saying that I don’t eat pork or shellfish (& fish without scales & gills) because they’re unclean but then I eat chickens that are forced to live like pigs.

This change isn’t just about what I eat, it’s also about my overall health. It’s about exercise, getting adequate rest, getting enough vitamins and nutrients & water.  Most importantly though, it’s about self control & taking control of my health, not just doing things because my body wants to do them.

I’ll document some of the journey.


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