The Black Christian in the Last Days

Last week the results for the UK general election were released and well, if you thought we couldn’t possible do worse than we have done in the last few years, you were wrong. With the Conservatives in power, we’re going to see a lot more of all the stuff we hated/feared over the last few years (bye bye Human Rights Act & NHS). Something else that may happen is that that the UK may separate itself from the European Union which will see the continuation of the prophecy about the disunity of Rome (Daniel 2:40)* We’re advised by many different scholars to leave the cities during the last days, they’ll become corrupt, making it difficult for the Christian to live a righteous life. So run to the hills, the country side where living is a lot simpler. Well, if you’re white.

GE15 has confirmed the idea that most of the UK outside of London is racist & xenophobic. See, the thing is when we speak of the last days, we only speak of it through a Christian lens regardless of the fact that so many other things make up your identity. We don’t look at how blacks/women/the poor/etc will survive in these times and if, during these times, the hearts of the people are gonna wax cold, then those who are already oppressed are going to be even more oppressed and possibly by those who claim to be part of the body of God.

Over the last few years or so in America & here, there have been various uprisings and protests concerning the unjust murder of blacks by whites & police officers, and also the rise in austerity. It’s been exhausting. The responses of Christians in these settings have also been exhausting. The thing is though, a poor Christian can more likely heed the advice of the scholars and flee to the country and may actually be better off because cities almost always have a higher cost of living. The black Christian, on the other hand, faces increased and concentrated racism and hatred in the country. The only option to escape that racism is to flee to another country but that’s not a realistic option for many, especially those who are poor and black.

The black Christian faces increased oppression in the cities as things get more secular but also faces increased oppression in the country because of the concentrated racism, so where can the black Christian flee to and be safe?

* You can read about it in more detail here


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