2015: The First Quarter Recap

I love Sundays, although I have things to do today none of it is compulsory. I can laze about with no consequences. I recently just got my bedroom furniture put so no more living out of boxes (as I’ve been doing for the past year, no I didn’t move) & so I’m sorting clothes & listening to an afrobeat mix. Today is the kind of day where I want to do pilates (despite my inflexibility & dangly limbs), drink smoothies & plan things. I was looking over my goals for the first quarter of the year and I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t excited, I don’t deserve any gold stars yet but I didn’t do so bad.

I’ve started doing quarterly goals, instead of annual goals, because it’s easier to see the places I need to improve and it’s also easier to consume & gives a neater time frame. Quarterly goals allow me to be flexible, life is too spontaneous to be rigid and I find that annual goals can be a bit rigid and I either forget about them or end up writing different versions throughout the year.

Anyway, the first quarter has been great, and the second quarter has started great. There are still things I’m struggling with (I may go into detail in another post, when I’m ready) but on a general scale things are great. Some of the things I had on my goal list were:

  • release digital poetry pamphlet
  • get a stable, enjoyable job
  • weekly writing
  • finish gospels

As you can see not all of these goals were within my control, like the job one, but this list is also a ‘things to work towards to’ kind of thing as well as a profession of my faith. I wrote to get a job because coming into 2015 the faith I had that I would get a job was so high. & don’t get me wrong, I did toggle between faith & faithlessness but God still did His thing because the job I currently have is literally the best thing EVER! Definitely my biggest accomplishment of the first quarter, and one of the more important things on the list.

There are things that didn’t get done, or done in their entirety like the weekly writing and finishing the gospels and I think both were a bit over my head. Which is fine because now I can kind of look back and adjust my next quarter goals so that I can do better. Also, with my writing because I’m so much more used to tweeting these days, I end up tweeting things which could have easily been blog posts, so that’s something to take into account when I do my next list.

When I do my lists I’ve learnt to categorise things, the ones I use are:

  1. Spiritual development
  2. Personal development
  3. Professional/Educational development

That way I can see more clearly which areas I’m neglecting/progressing in. Hope this helps.


One thought on “2015: The First Quarter Recap

  1. This is a good idea! Sometimes by the end of the year you get discouraged when you didn’t do what you had planned at the start; also in the furore of New Year’s celebrations it can be easy to make drastic plans like: read one book a week or randomly go travelling lol. I like this quarterly planning. I might just try it

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