Ramblings on Black Masculinity II: “I’m going to be an Astronaut”

“I’m going to be an astronaut.”
“How do you be an astronaut?”
“You get in the rocketship, then bang it up to space, then you get to do all sorts of activities—like drive. Then if the ship is crashing, you do stuff to make it not crash.”

Humans of New York

That’s the difficult bit, preventing the crash. It’s easy to find out how to be an astronaut, the training, the practice, the activities, the diet & exercise. And when you start, you’ll more than likely be taken through safety procedures, how to prevent a crash and what to do in the event of a crash. But being an astronaut isn’t easy, you spend most of your time training and working hard to survive in a space that wasn’t made for you, that’s hostile to your existence. You have to create special places to protect you, where your chance of survival is higher, but even then, the rocket that you have grown accustomed to calling your home could lose an engine, or crash. And in that moment, when you’re trying to save yourself and remember what buttons to press or not press, you realise that there’s no where to run. You shouldn’t have to die for engineers to find better ways to prevent crashes but.


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