Ginger Shot (draft)

You’re like a ginger shot In winter – sharp then warm – Always necessary. 1am conversation: Things failed, Wanted, needed. You say talking to me makes you feel presidential. You say talking to me makes you feel presidential, Wanted, needed. Things failed. Always necessary 1am conversation In winter, sharp then warm. (You’re like a ginger … Continue reading

This Week

Workless Faith.

I’ll be honest, I’m good at pretending to know what I’m doing and where I’m going. I can sell people (and myself) on an idea that I’ve only given five minutes thought, sometimes this works out for me, sometimes it doesn’t. But I also get bored of things easily & if I don’t genuinely enjoy something it’s difficult to pretend like I do. These two things combined mean that I do a lot of jumping and hopping, hoping to land into something that I enjoy & sustains me. Continue reading