A piece I wrote for the Commonwealth Youth Awards

When I was 10, I wanted to be a lawyer.
Three years later, an actress.
Then a therapist,
Actress again,
Now writer.

Sometimes our dreams change,
Our passions evolve and what we once
Thought we couldn’t live without
Fades into the past and becomes another
Brick in the wall.
And that’s okay.

But sometimes our dreams grow with us.
They feed on our food,
They twist and turn in our guts
Kicking and kicking and kicking,
They keep us awake at night
Wanting to come alive,
But only you know when it’s time to push.

When that time comes,
When your body beings to contract
And relax at quickening intervals,
I need you to summon all the strength
You didn’t know you had and push that
Passion out of you.

There will be complications,
There will be tongues that doubt, and hands
That are crushed with your force, but keep pushing.
It will feel too hard, and maybe too painful
But listen to the voices that instruct your breathing,
The ones that have faith in the outcome, who can see
The tip of your vision before it leaves you.

Listen to them

(Push hard)

And keep

(Push long)


(Push steady)

Birth that dream inside of you.


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