In Memory of a Lover

You wish you knew
that the training
you got from playing
kiss-chase would
come in handy
on a day when a trip
to the mall saw you
you being chased by
bullets that begged to
kiss the butterflies
in your stomach
before you got home.

If you knew,
you would’ve practiced
running faster.
You wouldn’t have
wasted time
slowing down
when the one you liked,
liked you too and
smacked his feet so hard
into the ground,
that you were sure
his  shins shattered.
(They didn’t)

You wouldn’t have
let him catch you
so easily
because today,
he didn’t pound his feet
hard enough
and you watched him
and break
and fall
all from a kiss.

If you knew that
this day was coming,
you would have made
him run faster,
you wouldn’t
have stopped until
you were piecing his
shins back together

You don’t know
how to jigsaw
and it won’t
be long before memories

turn to dust.


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