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Terrorism and the Media

The media and our government have conditioned us into thinking that terrorism is synonymous with Islam. According to them Muslims are the only group of people capable of murder, they are all irrational extremists trying to force Sharia Law into our good ol’ Western system that’s doing perfectly fine by itself.

On Wednesday, May 22, there was a murder in Woolwich. Most of you would have heard or read the reports by now. Two young men killed another man for unknown reasons. From witness reports, they seemed to be intoxicated, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Both of the murderers were black and Muslim.

Cue the hate speech, islamophobia, and racism.

What is the dictionary definition of terrorism? Well, Oxford English Dictionary says it’s “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Now these two men may be terrorists. In a video of one of the suspects explaining his actions, he makes it clear that this was a vengeance attack, for what, we don’t know. But from the way the story has been covered, it’s very easy to forget an innocent man was killed. The life of this man is unimportant to the media and Theresa May (our country’s own loyal and trusty body guard). Twitter hasn’t been flooded with the usual R.I.P and condolence messages that flow after such a tragic incident, instead there has been a war between the racists and islamophobes and the condemners of racism and islamophobia.

However, something more sinister has taken place within the social media world. A group of terrorists have rallied their troupes and have declared war on innocent people. In retaliation, they have marched into Woolwhich with balaclavas or scarves hiding their faces and are setting fire to mosques. The EDL are out and murderous. Hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ self! If there is any pigment in your skin, stay at home! This is very serious. The news have reported these counterattacks but none have labelled them “terrorist”, nor have they received nearly the same amount of attention as this afternoon’s attacks.

But they can’t be terrorist; they’re all white and probably not Muslim. 


One thought on “Terrorism and the Media

  1. Ughhh! This whole thing against Muslims has been frustrating me to no end! Every people group has “terrorists” so to speak, including our own. The ignorance out there makes me want to scream sometimes! I usually hold it together though. 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

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