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Beyoncéchanezzer & the Illuminati.

Shout out to @Kevonstage for coining the name “Beyoncéchanezzer”.

This post is not going to provide you proof/evidence for Beyoncé’s affiliation with the illuminati. I’m not going to write a thousand word thesis on why you should stop listening to her, or explain how the shape of her outfits on the Mrs Carter tour mean that she worships the devil. I’m not going to analyse recordings of her claiming that Sascha Fierce is a different entity & what she means when she says she’s “possessed” by her. Neither am I going to say how I personally feel about Beyoncé and her music. I will however ask some questions.

Like, so what? Or, why can you listen to P!NK but not Beyoncé?  Or, what do you gain from decoding all the illuminati signs and symbols in her music videos?

Young Christians can be an obsessive bunch, and I don’t think that’s our fault. As young people we’re trained to follow & indulge in the latest trends within most fields of art & entertainment, giving them all our time, money & energy. And like most obsessions this (not very recent) illuminati one is dangerous. There’s a lot I don’t understand about it (like how it seems only folk in the entertainment world are in the not-so-secret society) but frankly it all comes down to, so what? So what if Beyoncé is in the illuminati, what does that mean for the rest of us? Some argue that her & other artists’ involvement in the illuminati taint the messages of her songs & make them “evil”. But surely it’s the lyrics that make the song “good”/”evil”? I mean, I’m a Christian but does that mean that everything I produce will be “good” solely because of my affiliation with God? Surely that would mean that if an artist made art that condoned murder/rape/theft/deception then their art would be okay as long as they don’t show any triangles?* This thinking is dangerous. We shouldn’t judge what we put in us because rumour has it that it’s of the devil, we should be sure. And you can be sure of it’s purity by the overall message the art gives, imo, regardless of if it’s illuminati or not.

The question of sign & symbol decoding isn’t really a question because I’m almost sure people do it as a hobby. It must be fun, stimulates the mind like Sudoku or word puzzles, except nobody really knows if the answers are right.

Note *:

1*  Because triangles are the most sinister looking shapes, with their three sides, and their three corners, and their three angles, and their three variations; 3 x 4 = 12. 12/ 3 = 4. 4 – 1 = 3. 3 x 2 = 6. 6 x 111 = 666 = EVIL


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