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This post is bound to step on some toes.

Exactly a week ago I read, via twitter, that Cameron would announce his approval of homosexuals being able to marry in churches. Initially I misunderstood & thought it was compulsory, i.e. if a homosexual couple want to marry in a church then ‘by law’ the church had to fulfil that desire. Based on this misunderstanding I was upset for the following reasons:

  1. As it’s the house of God, it’s disrespectful to consciously permit sin & then lie to parties involved that God is cool with it, He’s not.
  2. How can you force a minister/church to marry a couple he doesn’t deem fit to marry?
  3. How comes nobody’s banging on any mosque/temple doors?

but, as I said I misunderstood & what Cameron was agreeing to was allowing church bodies to allow gay people to get married if they wanted to. So the decision is entirely up to the church body in question (except in cases of the Church of England), with this new insight my thoughts on this subject have shifted slightly. But I’d like to explain my first point in a little more detail as I imagine a lot of people would have the most issues/arguments against it.

When Christians cry about gay marriage they use the argument that it’s a sin & the counter argument is “we’re all sinners/no sin is greater than the other/God loves all” which are all true however, there is one vital difference. In the case of say, a couple who have had sex before they get married, they have both sinned but (read carefully, this bit’s important) the marriage puts an end to the sin, whatever sex they have – as long as it’s with each other – is holy & sanctified (praise God). Gay marriage is sinful in the same way polygamous marriages are sinful (Deut 17:14-17) & in the same way adulterers remarrying is sinful. By a minister marrying these groups of people they are going directly against God’s commands and allowing other’s to do so also & to add insult to injury, they’re saying God’s cool with it. He is most definitely not. He’s not cool with any sin, what ever it is. Another argument is that ‘the church is the people not the building’ – I used to use this argument – and although this has some truth to it, God commands reverence & respect in His sanctuary (Lev 19:30). Jesus overturned the tables in the temple because of their lack of respect for God’s house (Matt 21:12-13).

Side: Being attracted to someone of the same sex is not a sin, acting on it (& lusting after them) is, in a similar way being attracted to another woman while you’re marriage is not a sin but acting on it (lusting) is. Not that that provides much solace in itself.

Anyway, with the new & correct understanding of what Cameron has agreed to, I can’t say I have a serious problem with it, as the decision is up to the minister & the church body. If a minister wants to marry a gay couple & tell them that God’s alright with it, that is between them & God. I acknowledge these things as an indication of end times, they were prophesied & were expected to happen (Matt 24:37 & Rom 1:24-27), this isn’t the worst that’s going to happen. However the Church of England, which was only created so some monarchy could get divorced, is exempt from this rule…why? That’s all I want to know, why?

Another aspect that this issue touches on that many haven’t really spoken about is that this is moving forward in joining church & state, which I am whole heartedly against. The joining of the two make oppression (of believers & non-believers) far too easy. It’s bad enough Cameron’s running the country, him running the church would be so detrimental. And what about those of other faiths? I’m totally against making everyone follow God’s law if they haven’t chosen to accept Him. Biblically there have always been two laws, God’s law & the law of the land, people were punished for deviating from God’s law because they had accepted Him as God, those who had not were not punished for directly deviating from His law because it was not their accepted law (or God). That’s even assuming if the two join God’s law would be the first law, alternatively the law of the land could be & then…well…yeah.

We need to be entering some serious prayer & making some movements.


3 thoughts on “Marriages.

  1. Heavyweight postage Dami, a lot in here. Nice! I think this is one of the last things I was reading from you on Twitter. So here’s what I think: your initial thoughts are actually those that many people have, particularly a majority of the Tories – and they voted against. I still don’t know why the C of E is still forbidden though. I suppose this changes are seen as relaxing the law and when it comes to “the nation’s church” relaxing the law would be going too far, in their eyes? & as for this apparent merging of church and state, it should be our first priority to be aware of what’s going on – as you clearly are. Keep it up, we follow suit!

  2. Contentious issue. At the core of the question is whether marriage serves a person’s spiritual/religious status or a political/economic status. Unfortunately it is both. The state indeed treats you differently depending on your marital status. And of course in a democratic society, all citizens should have the right to be treated equally by the state provided they don’t break the law (which I agree with wholeheartedly). As a christian, our teachings do not allow to people of the same sex to be unified under God in a marriage covenant. I do not see how any church can be forced to compromise on this issue – on the most basic level, according to the UN we all have the universal right to worship… What is interesting is that this is a global issue at the moment not just a British one, it will be very interesting to see how things turn out. God Knows. Great Post though…

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