The first time we taste each other’s lips,
they’ll be sweet
but tricky, like toffee.
They’ll greet each other like old friends
eager to spill their joys and sorrows at once.

Our tongues may be shy at first,
they may not touch
until in their comfort they come alive and travel together
experiencing the bumps of molars &
the smoothness of enemal.
They’ll wonder how cheeks so soft
so thin
can lift such beauty.

They’ll remember the times when gladness was stuck
somewhere in the windpipe
& cheeks sagged
like grandma’s breasts.
When lips curled so far south
their ends almost met,
when pain burnt tongues for the first time –
numbness prevented taste.
They’ll remember and dance together,
perfecting their turns and dips.

Then my tongue will retreat
and your incisors will gnaw
on my bottom lip…


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