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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Black People vs. Black Women – track 1.

And you wonder why black boys like white girls because they’re not ungrateful arrogant monkeys.

I hate black girls with a passion, I’m at Stratford station and i see a pretty girl, i smile at her and she gives me the dirtiest look -_-

– an anonymous black female tweeter.

This tweeter went on to say that all we know is ‘3 wings and chips and olive oil hair sheen’ and that we are baboons. Now when I read her rant I had a moment of confusion ‘am I a black girl?’ I asked myself, ‘Am I/any other black girls I know ungrateful arrogant monkeys? Do I/any other black girls I know only care about 3 wings and olive oil hair sheen? Am I/any other black girls I know baboons?’

  1. yes & no. I’m black, but I’m no longer a girl.
  2. Can monkeys be arrogant and ungrateful? I watched this documentary once about animals having a concept of morality and they did this experiment where the monkeys had to help each other to get a reward and sometimes, when the reward was given first, they wouldn’t help their partner monkey. So, I guess they could be but regardless, I’m not a monkey neither are any other black females (girls and women) I know.
  3. When I was a young black girl, going to school in South London, 3 wings and chips were one of the daily/weekly (depending on how much you could hustle) highlights. So, yeah, back then I cared. I cared a lot. It was painful seeing others eat theirs while my stomach was making grime beats. It wasn’t the only thing I cared about though. I didn’t care about olive oil hair sheen – I can’t speak for the other black females I know however, 3 wings, chips and olive oil hair sheen never feature in our countless weekly conversations.
  4. No, I am not a baboon, neither are any other black females I know.

So, it’s safe to conclude that this girl must have it wrong. Her anthropological findings on the traits and characteristics of black girls are wrong. Thank God. This would be a good time to celebrate, right? We can rejoice because this one wrong person has it all wrong, right?

Unfortunately my mum won’t let me have ice cream in winter for fear of catching a cold and this girl, like my mum, isn’t the only one that’s come to this very wrong conclusion.

So many people (of a variety of races and genders) replied to her agreeing with, even commending, her for her work. As if she exposed some profound truth, or dirty hidden lie. Some called her ‘brave’ for challenging black girls all over twitter. Then when challenged, as if she’s reading from a script, she spews something along the lines of ‘i’m not talking about ALL black girls, just the majority’, according to her carefully acquired data 98% of black girls are how she previously described. This very famous line, used as a cop-out by the most ignorant, does nothing but highlight ignorance because fact remains, you don’t know the majority of the group of people you are stereotyping.

This girl, like many others, hates herself. Even though she’s part of the elite 2%? Yes, even still. This ingrained racist voice is the same voice that calls us ‘nappy headed hoes’ and tries to justify why it’s okay to hate us:

  1. we’re aggressive
  2. we’re always angry
  3. we’re dominating
  4. we’re black
  5. we’re too independent
  6. we’re ugly
  7. we’re too black
  8. we make our men look bad
  9. we’re far too black
  10. black.

It’s not enough that we’re still portrayed as exotic, that Hollywood and the media still lighten our skin, that in the work place our natural hair is still unprofessional, but our own women, our own black women hate us & themselves too. It upsets me that black people hate black women so much, from fighting issues of colourism, to the men that are “down for their sistas” as long they “stay in their place”, we have a lot of hate on our shoulders. What’s more upsetting is that these people may reproduce and they’ll infect their children with this same hate. Too often we hear that we need change (Obama was supposed to bring it but…well, that’s a post for a different day), and I’m at the point where I’m desperate to know how to bring about this change? How do I teach (black) people that we are flawed but that doesn’t make us less than our white/lighter counterparts? How do I teach them that black women are as beautiful as is humanly capable?


4 thoughts on “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Black People vs. Black Women – track 1.

  1. What I like is that this post isn’t just a rant. The quote at the top is vexing and the ingrained views behind them are widespread and definitely something to battle so it’s great that their challenged – not for the sake of it though. It’s a forward-thinking post which poses questions about what can be done to free us from such mindsets. I’m a believer in togetherness when it comes to confronting such problems, so it’s not so much about “How do I” as it is “How do we” – I for one would certainly love to see a growing group of people (black as well as other) who call out bold statements like the one at the top, and begin to replace these with positive and truthful knowledge.

  2. The funny thing is i never understood that why this black on black hate,everybody else hates us but we go on to add to that. I believe that we are all beautiful in our own ways and we need to stop focusing on the things we hate about each other and focus and the things that we like about each other. In order for us to achieve true LOVE & PEACE we needn’t acknowledge our differences but what makes us all alike!!!

  3. I think you are speaking about internalized self-hatred of black people, by black people which is a serious “side-effect” of a racially constructed society. Much of our education lies in the violent history of slavery and it generational impact on Black America such as Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder. There is a lot of information available to help understand this legacy to black America. In the meantime, please keep speaking your truths!-Izzie J

  4. This was on point-dizzle. I added dizzle at the end because I’ma black female and that’s how we speak. I would type more, but I’ve got to go and spray some oil sheen on my hair – you know we do…

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